Largest and Longest World Quiz

1. The biggest bell of the world known as "Great Bell" is in which of the following place?
(A) Washington D.C.
(B) New York.
(C) Moscow.
(D) London.

2. Which fo the following is the largest bird of the world?
(A) Keel-billed toucan.
(B) Hummingbird.
(C) American flamingo.
(D) Ostrich.

General Knowledge Questions Update

1. Which of the following is not a ores of Sodium(NA)?
(A) Chile saltpater.
(B) Borax.
(C) Barytes.
(D) Trona.

2. Which of the following is called as hydrolith?
(A) Nitrous oxide.
(B) Calcium hydride.
(C) Sulphur dioxide.
(D) Alum.

Books and Authors

1. Who wrote the book "A Brief History of Time"?
Answer: Stephen Hawking.

2. Who is the Author of the book "A Case of Exploding Mangoes"?
Answer: Mohammed Hanif.

3. The famous book "Accidental death of an Anarchist" is written by-
Answer: Dario Fo.

4. Who wrote the book "A Call to Honour"
Answer: Jaswant Singh.

5. Who is the author of the book "A Clockwork Orange"?
Answer: Anthony Burgess.

World Population Day 11th July, 2015

World population day is observed in every year on 11th July. In 1989 United Nations Development Programme establish this annual event for making people aware of world population problems. Its gives us a approx figure of population increase of a country as per the study done by government officials and other organizations involved in it.

Population of top 10 countries (As on 11th July, 2015):

1. China = 1,370,880,000
2. India = 1,273,960,000
3. United States = 321,383,000
4. Indonesia = 255,461,700
5. Brazil = 204,585,000