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General Knowledge Quiz 4

Q1. How many bones found in skull?
A. 8
B. 15
C. 20
D. 24

Q2. Blood cell does not shrink into it because blood is-
A. Isotonic.
B. Hypotonic.
C. Hypertonic.
D. Equimolar.

Q3. Which of the following planet is known as the Red Planet?
A. Jupiter.
B. Saturn.
C. Mars.
D. Venus.

Q4. In which year First World war broke out?
A. 790 AD.
B. 1700 AD.
C. 1914 AD.
D. 1930 AD.

Q5. What is the botanical name for rice?
A. Homo Sepians.
B. Oryza Sativa.
C. Naza Naza.
D. Gossipium Hirsutum.

Q6. Which of the following scientist at first developed the Quantum theory?
A. Ijack Newton.
B. Max Plonck.
C. Neil Armstrong.
D. James Watt.

Q7. Who invented Fountain pen?
A. J.P.Blanchard.
B. Robert Huk.
C. John Napier.
D. L.E.Waterman.

Q8. Psychology is study related to-
A. Animal Behaviour.
B. Movement of insects.
C. Human Mind.
D. Growth of Plant.

Q9. How many blood vessels contains in a child body(Approximately)?
A. 1,000 miles.
B. 60,000 miles.
C. 100,000 miles
D. 200,000 miles

Q10. The bones of the human body contains how much percent of water?
A. 10%.
B. 22%.
C. 35%.
D. 55%.

Q11. Anemia is usually caused due to-
A. Glucose.
B. Protein.
C. Fat.
D. Heridity.

Q12. How many building blocks(cells) are there in a adult human body?
A. 5 billion.
B. 10 billion.
C. 26 billion.
D. 40 billion.

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