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General Knowledge Quiz 2

1. What is the chemical symbol of Gold?
A. Zn
B. Au
C. Gd
D. Pb

2. VLSI integrated circuit is used as the main components in which generation of computers?
A. First Generation.
B. Second Generation.
C. Thid Generation.
D. Fourth Generation.

3. What is the cause of Orographic or relief rainfall?
A. Due to the heating of earth's surface.
B. Due to extratropical cylones.
C. Due to a masses of air pushed by wind.
D. Due to too much cold the air evaporated from sea.

4. SIMBEX is a annual bilateral naval exercise between which of these following countries?
A. India and USA.
B. India and Singapore.
C. China and USA.
D. South Africa and Brazil.

5. World Economic Report is a report published by which of these following organisation?
A. World Bank.
B. International Monetory Fund.

6. Muscles of which part of the human body contract slowly but can remain contracted for a longer time?
A. Hand
B. Face
C. Leg
D. Belly

7. Which of the following person is associated with the theory of Scientific Socialism?
A. Alexander Fleming.
B. Karl Marx.
C. Lenin.
D. Stalin.

8. Which of the following time is used for setting up all the watches of a country?
A. Greenwich mean time.
B. Local time.
C. Standard time of a country.
D. Time of sunrise of a nation.

9. Which of the following gas releases through septic tank?
A. Nitrogen.
B. Methane.
C. Ethane.
D. Hydrogen.

10. Which of the follwoing acid is present in curd?
A. Malic Acid.
B. Citric Acid.
C. Lactic Acid.
D. Formic Acid.

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