Nobel Laureates of 2014

Nobel Prize 2014 is given in various fields like; Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Peace, Economics, Physiology. List of Nobel Prize Winners 2014:

Economics Nobel Prize (For analysis of market power and regulation):

i) Jean Tirole (France)

Nobel Peace Prize (For Right of all Children to Education):

i) Kailash Satyarthi (India)

Largest and Longest of the World

Largest Bay- Hudson Bay (Canada)
Largest Planet- Jupiter
Highest Mountain Peak- Everest (Nepal)
Largest Island- Greenland
Largest Fresh Water Lake- Lake Superior (USA)
Largest Delta- Sundarbans, India
Longest Epic- The Mahabharata
Largest Palace- Imperial Palace(Gugong) / Beijing (China)

General Knowledge Quiz 1

1. Seismic Waves received at Sesmograph in which order?
A. L wave, P wave, S wave
B. L wave, S wave, P wave
C. P wave, L wave, S wave
D. P wave, S wave, L wave

2. Which was the greatest invention of palaeolithic age?
A. Iron
B. Fire
C. Computer
D. Potter's wheel

3. 49th parallel line separated which of these two countries?

International Days and Dates Observed

January 11 - World Laughter Day(First Celebration)

February 4  - World Cancer Day
February 13 - World Radio Day 
February 14 - Valentine Day
February 21 - International Mother Tongue Day

March 9 - World Kidney Day    
March 15 -World Consumer Rights Day    
March 20 - World Sparrow Day
March 20 - International Happiness Day    
March 21 - World Forestry Day    
March 22 - World Water Day    
March 23 - World Meteorological Day

Important Computer and Technical Terms

 Here is the list of some frequently used computer related technical terms. Hope it will help you.

ISP- Internet service provider
LAN- Local Area Network
MAN- Metropolitan Area Network
WAN- Wide Area Network
WWW- World Wide Web
HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language
URL- Uniform Resource Locator
RAM- Random Access Memory
ROM- Read Only Memory
VDU- Video Display Unit
DOS- Disk Operating System