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Computer Knowledge Quiz

1. Which software is preferable for accountants work?
A. Spreadsheets.
B. Word Processor.
C. Graphics.
D. File Manager.

2. The core part of operating system is situated in which part of the computer memory?
A. Resident Programm.
D. Microprocessor.

3. Which command helps to switch into Windows from DOS?

C. C:\Microsoft
D. C:\Window

4. Adding, changing or deleting file records periodically is called as-
A. Assembling.
B. Upgrading.
C. Updating.
D. Renewing.

5. A computer system does not able to boot if it does not have the-
A. Operating System.
B. Assembler.
C. Translator.
D. Graphics Card.

6. For accessing super computers users generally applies-
A. Desktop.
B. Notebook.
C. Node.
D. Terminal.

7. Restarting of the computer when it is already on is called as-
A. Cool Booting.
B. Warm Booting.
C. Logging Off.
D. Shut Down.

8. Which computer language is used on the Internet?
A. Java.
B. Basic.
C. Pascal.

9. We can get the help menu from which button?
A. Shut down.
B. Log off.
C. Start.
D. None of these.

10. Which of the following multiplexing technique transmit analog signal?
A. Time Division Multiplexing.
B. Frequency Division Multiplexing.
C. Both A and B.
D. None of these.

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