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Rivers in India

India has some good source of water from its rivers which flows through all over the India. Some of the popular rivers flows all over the India are Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna, Bhagirathi, Godavari, Mahanadi and etc. Among them the Holy "Ganga" is the biggest river of India. Ganga river flows through all the places of India. The 2525 Km. long Ganga is started from Kumayun of Himalayas and ends at Bay of bengal.

Some of the Popular Cities in India situated at the River side:

Allahabad- Confluence of Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati.
Nasik- Godawari
Kolkata- Hooghly
Cuttack- Mahanadi
Patna- Ganga
Lucknow- Gomati

Jamshedpur- Subarnarekha
Haridwar- Ganga
Delhi- Jamuna
Kanpur- Ganga
Srinagar- Jhelum
Varanasi- Ganga

Some Rivers ValleyProjects in India:

Hirakud Project- On Mahanadi River, Odisha
Rihand Project-  On Rihand River
Bhakra Nangal Project- On Sutlej River
Damodar Vallley Project- On Damodar River, West Bengal & Jharkhand

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