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General Knowledge Quiz 14

1. Havana is the capital of-
A. Cuba.
B. Colombia.
C. Chile.
D. Croatia.

2.  NASSCOM is linked with which organization to build a product design initiative.
A. Apple.
B. Microsoft.
C. Facebook.
D. Twitter.

3. Which club own English premier league in may, 2016?
A. Chelsea.
B. Manchester United.
C. Liverpool.
D. Leicester City.

4. Michel Platini from  France us known for his achievements in which sports?
A. Cricket.
B. Football.
C. Tennis.
D. Cycling.

The Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix on May 1, 2016 held in-
A. Samara.
B. Moscow.
C. Sochi.
D. Samara.

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