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General Knowledge Questions Update

1. Which of the following is not a ores of Sodium(NA)?
(A) Chile saltpater.
(B) Borax.
(C) Barytes.
(D) Trona.

2. Which of the following is called as hydrolith?
(A) Nitrous oxide.
(B) Calcium hydride.
(C) Sulphur dioxide.
(D) Alum.

3. Wilson disease appear in human beings due to the presence of excess-
(A) Iron.
(B) Copper.
(C) Nickel.
(D) Silver.

4. Which of the following country at first launch satellite into the space?
(A) England.
(B) Russia.
(C) USA.
(D) India.

5. Which of the following person or person's at first won the Nobel prize for peace?
(A) Amartya Sen
(B) Jin F. Dunant and Frederic Peiry.
(C) Jin Terrole.
(D) P. B. Shelly.

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