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Important Computer and Technical Terms

 Here is the list of some frequently used computer related technical terms. Hope it will help you.

ISP- Internet service provider
LAN- Local Area Network
MAN- Metropolitan Area Network
WAN- Wide Area Network
WWW- World Wide Web
HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language
URL- Uniform Resource Locator
RAM- Random Access Memory
ROM- Read Only Memory
VDU- Video Display Unit
DOS- Disk Operating System
OS- Operating System
DBMS- Database Management System
MICR- Magnetic ink character recognition
OCR- Optical character recognition
UPS- Uninterrupted Power Supply
USB- Universal Serial Bus
SMPS- Switchable Mode Power Supply
BCR- Bar Code Reader
BIOS- Basic Input
Wi-Fi- Wireless fidelity
NIC- Network Interface Card
IP- Internet protocol
FTP- File transfer protocol
DPI- Dots Per Inch
AI- Artificial intelligence
POST– Power On Self Test
PING– Packet Internet Gopher
PNG- Portable Network Graphics
GIF- Graphics Interchange Format
XML- eXtensible Markup language
SMTP– Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
PDF– Portable Document Format
CRT– Cathode Ray Tube
LCD– Liquid Crystal Display
LED– Light Emitting Diode
CD– Compact Disc
DVD– Digital Versatile Disc
Bit– Binary Digit
KB- Kilo Byte
MB- Mega Byte
GB- Giga Byte
TB- Tera Byte

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