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General Knowledge on Vitamins

Vitamin A
Sources - Milk, Egg, Fish, Vegetables.
Scientific Name- Retinol.
Deficiency Disease- Color Blindness, Xerophthalmia.

Vitamin C
Sources - Lemon, Orange, Chilly.
Scientific Name- Ascorbic Acid.
Deficiency Disease- Scurvy.

Vitamin D
Sources - Milk, Egg, Cod Liver Oil.
Scientific Name- Calciferol.
Deficiency Disease- Bone related diseases like; Rickets (In case of Children), Osteomalesia (In case of adults).

Vitamin E
Sources - Milk, Butter, Vegetables, Wheat.
Scientific Name- Tokopherol.
Deficiency Disease- Fertility Problem(Less fertility)

Vitamin B5
Sources - Meat, Fish, Nut, Vegetables
Scientific Name- Niacin
Deficiency Disease- Pellegra

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